TWINS by Mike Ciccotello

TWINS by Mike Ciccotello is a charming tale of a boy and his twin, who happens to be a giraffe. The story takes us through their day and all the activities and fun they share, in addition to the frustrations they encounter together. They may be twins and enjoy doing the same things, but the book displays how they do things differently and ultimately work best together.

With brief and concise text that is perfect for reading aloud to little ones, the corresponding illustrations are bright and sweet, capturing the special bond and shared experiences of having a twin – yet, it also works just as well for those readers who have a close sibling or friend.

As a parent to young, identical twins, I found the overall story a lovely way to talk about individuality, compromise, and working together.

Suggested Reading Age: Ages 2-5 | Farrar Straus Giroux Books for Young Readers / Imprint of Macmillan | 32 pg. | Aug. 27, 2019 |

“Sometimes we forget that we work best together.”

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