THE HAWTHORNE LEGACY by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

THE HAWTHORNE LEGACY by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is the twisty and suspenseful sequel to THE INHERITANCE GAMES.  Picking up right where the first book leaves off, Avery dives into the new mystery surrounding Toby Hawthorne (the son of deceased millionaire patriarch, Tobias Hawthorne).  Is Toby still alive?  Avery is on a mission to find out, but she realizes she can’t do it without the help of all the Hawthorne boys.  As answers lead to more questions, Avery must navigate a maze of adversaries and revelations if she is to discover the truth about Toby — and perhaps uncover the information about her childhood she’s been missing all along.

It is, once again, incredibly enjoyable to be immersed in Barnes’ world of puzzles and clues — as well as the grandiose world of the Hawthornes.  The ensemble cast of characters is one of my favorite aspects of this series, and the inclusion of Avery’s best friend Max is a welcome addition.  The love triangle from the first book also continues here, adding to the plot’s momentum as the groundwork is set for the series’ third installment.

If readers were drawn to the first book, they will certainly enjoy seeing what’s next for Avery as the Hawthorne mystery unfolds — particularly during the last 50 pages, which are filled with action and revelations.  Shorter chapters also add to the well-crafted pacing in this solid sophomore novel.  THE HAWTHORNE LEGACY (and the first book in the series) will have no trouble finding readers in both public and school libraries..

Suggested Reading Age: Grades 8+ | Little, Brown and Company | 368 pg. | September 7, 2021 |

“I’ve spent my entire life not running toward anyone. I know what it’s like to just stand there — to not be able to do anything else. I know what it’s like to lose someone.”

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