Hello, again!

Here I am, checking in after a VERY extended break.  My online presence unintentionally vanished this past year due to COVID challenges, continuing education, and the death of a parent.  But, things have somewhat settled and I’m excited to now be in a place where I can resume sharing so many wonderful books and resources for young people.

I’m also excited to share a professional update that I’ve returned to teaching!  When I left my school library position a few years ago due to a change in family needs, it was important to me that I continue to keep one foot in the school library world I love so much.  But, I’ve also been working toward additional avenues in which I might be able to share my love of reading with students.  So, this school year, I’m teaching high school English part-time.  So far, it’s been a great transition back to secondary education, and I hope to share some of what we’re reading and exploring in the classroom.  

But, once a librarian always a librarian.  So, I’m eager to return to this space to share books and resources which may be helpful to teachers, librarians, and readers of all ages — but, I’m just as eager to hear what you’ve been reading, too!  I’m looking forward to connecting and hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy! ❤️


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