RUBY FINDS A WORRY by Tom Percival

RUBY FINDS A WORRY by Tom Percival is a story about Ruby, a girl who loves to play and explore but discovers one day that she has a Worry. This Worry starts out small, but over time it grows bigger and bigger. She wonders why no one else can see it as the Worry grows to the point where Ruby can no longer do any of the things she loves to do. But, when Ruby notices that a little boy has a Worry too, together they discover the secret of how to make their Worries smaller.

Tom Percival uses engaging digital art and hand-painted textures to create a world where the personification of a Worry gradually eclipses the activities and things Ruby loves. He makes effective use of color as Ruby’s bright and colorful world becomes black-and-white as it is consumed by the Worry. The text is also appropriate for approaching this difficult topic with young children as Ruby goes about her day trying to enjoy school, playtime, and watching a movie.

I have had this book at home for a few months now, checked out from the public library before social distancing started. But, I thought it was a timely choice to read and share at the moment, as some children may be having feelings about the current state of things.

RUBY HAS A WORRY is a gentle and sweet way to approach the topic of anxiety, providing a window for getting children to discuss their own worries, fears, or feelings. At the end, it touches on the fact that Ruby still gets a Worry sometimes, and that everybody gets them from time to time. But, it is effective in tackling one of the tools with which worries or anxiety can be addressed for children.

Suggested Reading Age: PreK-Grade 2 | Bloomsbury Children’s | 32 pg. | Sep. 3, 2019 |

“As the words tumbled out, Ruby’s Worry began to shrink until it was barely there at all.”

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