Printable Activities for At-Home Reading

There is so much filling our days at the moment with the stress and added demands of these unusual times. It can be difficult to focus on hobbies and activities we enjoy, or maybe even make time for them at all. But, if you find that you’re in need of a bit of a distraction in the form of some reading encouragement, I’ve created two activity sheets that I hope may help. They could be used by someone wanting to keep track of their own reading habits, for family use at home with children in the mix, or for educators with students in need of a reading engagement activity.

No matter the situation, I hope they may provide a fun way to initiate some independent reading or encourage you to possible engage with a book or activity you might not have otherwise considered. And, just remember that reading doesn’t just mean you have to read a physical book. Any of these activity sheets are meant for readers to consume books as audiobooks, ebooks, or print books. Choose the format that works best for you! And, if you aren’t sure where to get books while you are social distancing at home, please check out this infographic I made which outlines several ways to access books during this time.

Take care!


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