THIS BOOK OF MINE by Sarah Stewart, pictures by David Small

THIS BOOK OF MINE by Sarah Stewart and illustrated by David Small is a heartwarming and sweet celebration of reading. Throughout its pages, we see all the different ways in which we experience books and take joy in reading at the different ages and stages in life.

David Small’s illustrations create an emotional connection to the text and the people we meet on each page. Whether intentional or not, the pictures made me think of Harold and the Purple Crayon as they are composed of beautiful purple hues, with each book represented by a different color. And, the minimal text flows poetically and has such a lovely rhythm to it, allowing readers to take their time on each page. These pages also allow plenty of opportunity for grownups to stop and interact with their little readers, asking questions about the text and pictures, and remarking on all the ways we love books.

Suggested Reading Age: PreK-Grade 2 | Farrar Straus Giroux Books for Young Readers / Imprint of Macmillan | 32 pg. | Aug. 27, 2019 |

“I take this book … to be my friend.”

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